Gym Philosophy

Acrocheer’s Mission Statement

Our goal at Acrocheer Gymnastics is to develop each individual’s gymnastics potential in a safe, yet enjoyable & fun positive atmosphere. We like to see your child smile!

Using specific gymnastics progressions and a highly trained gymnastics staff each child will learn the correct fundamentals and basic skills which will equip him/her with the knowledge and ability to progress to whatever level he/she desires.

We are happy to provide a Total Fitness Program which includes Strength-particularly upper body strength, Flexibility-which aides in skill learning and injury prevention, Cardio Vascular Development, Body control and coordination. Trampoline increases kinesthetic awareness-the ability to know where the body is in relation to space and motion. (Situation awareness)

Most off All it Builds Self-Confidence

Team Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the mental and physical discipline needed for competition within a framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Learning to be comfortable in a competitive situation is a positive experience and adds to a child’s development. How we teach our athletes is as important as what we teach. We teach with positive reinforcement. We take great care to assure that fears, difficulties and failures are dealt with positively and constructively. Since it is the nature of competition to produce more losers than winners, Acrocheer defines winning as… Do your own personal best. Acrocheer athletes compete again themselves/score. That takes care of the winnings.