Skill Clinics



Text or call for Dates/Clinics 513-807-3459


Each month we will be offering a variety of skill specific Clinics. At these clinics will work on specific progressions to help your child learn that skill. Athletes will not master these skills in just one clinic, they will have the knowledge about the technique of the skill and what they need to work on to accomplish the skill. The clinics will help your child feel more confident & learn faster.

Ratio will be max. 1 to 6 per instructor. They will be held on Sundays, Fridays & during our smaller weekly class times. These clinics are for members only and ages 5 & up

We will hold 1 hour clinics $28.00 & 1 ½ hour clinics $36.00

Clinic Types: We will hold all different skills & levels on all three events.