Team practice schedule

Acrocheer Fliptwisters Tumbling Team 2015/2016 Practice Dates
Practice times

Summer Training will be trained through training weeks

All practice times are calculated by team sign-ups
New students always are in the early time frame.

11:30 am-3:30 pm- you will be assigned a time- May 21st 2015
5:30 pm- 9:30 pm-You will be assigned a time- May 21st 2015

1st Clinic Week……………………Monday June 8th – Thursday June 11th
2nd Clinic Week……………………Monday July 20th –Thursday July 23rd
3rd Clinic Week……………………Monday August 10th -Thursday August 13th

Friday is added to the team clinic for Intermediate to Advanced.
If you are on vacation and cannot attend a training week, you may choose another training week in the gym.
No guarantees. The other camp weeks will not be as good for your child as the team training weeks.

Team members may attend additional camp weeks in the gym for $119.00 for an extra week.
There is no open work out time in the gym for the summer months.

Acrocheer opens for FALL CLASSES START SEPTEMBER 1st, 2015
Team Training starts Sept 3rd ……….MONDAYS AND THURSDAY EVERY WEEK

*5-7 yr. olds new athletes will train Monday 4:45-6:45
* Monday 4:45-6:45 & Thursday 4:45-6:45-If you trained early time in the summer
* Monday 6:45-8:45 & Thursday 6:45-8:45- if you trained late time in the summer
Intermediate, Sub Adv. & Advanced (ONLY) ADDITIONAL DAY SUNDAY 5:15-7:15

*We give our team members that train twice per week 4 hours of free open gym practice time per month starting in Sept. 2015. Athletes are allowed 1 hour of open gym time per week. Value to you $32.00 free work out time. If your child would like to have more workout time you may take extra time at $8.00 per hour. Upon space availability. You must sign up at shutterfly for your free open gyms. This is not guaranteed time. According to the gyms open days.